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Why Us?

Customer Driven, Ethical Solutions
for Long Term Company Success

We design digital marketing strategies that use tactics that stand the test of time. When data and customer behavior drive the message the result is a positive affect to your bottom line.

Began by Jared Moré, an experienced digital marketing professional, Evergreen Media Co. exists to help businesses execute enduring online marketing strategies. Jared brings years of experience to the table as your main point of contact. Consulting and partnering with you, Jared treats your business like his own, as do all members of the Evergreen Media Co. team. We design digital marketing strategies that use tactics that stand the test of time. When data and customer behavior drive the message the result is a positive affect to your bottom line.

Evergreen Media Co. specializes in marketing health care, including treatment center marketing. Our decades of experience in these fields allow us to jump right in and identify areas where we can immediately and positively affect your bottom line. You will see a better census, lower cost per acquisition and higher daily revenues when you partner with us. We are passionate about helping others in health care, but we don’t shy away from new industries either. We have also been successful in consumer electronics and other disparate industries. Fill out the form below to see how we can help your business.

Having a strong guiding light and higher purpose is important to us. The core values of EGM are the rules that drive every business decision – big and small, and also guide our interactions with our clients, as well as amongst ourselves.

The Process


We learn about your company, what you have and what you need. This very in depth process helps develop a strong foundation to build goals on.


Established needs can only be fulfilled with clear, realistic goals. We like to establish these early in the process. It just helps make people happy.


We figured out where we want to be. Now we lay out how to get there. Each client receives a personalized long term plan with milestones and timelines.


We measure, track, and optimize results. We keep pushing what works, and scale back or revisit what is not meeting your needs

Company Core Values

  • FUN:  We always have fun. No matter what if we are not enjoying what we are doing there is no reason to carry on with it. While we are very serious about results the journey is the best part.
  • SELF MOTIVATION:  We are self starters and do not wait to take action. This value also relates to the auto-didactic nature of SEO and internet marketing. As a relatively new field, to be an expert you must by its nature be self taught. Additionally we try and be anticipatory and prevent problems before they begin through rigorous maintenance and thorough planning.
  • INTEGRITY:  We do what we say and say what we will do, from making appointments on time to driving deliverables, we strive to uphold each and every promise. We are all human and sometimes make mistakes – when we do we own up to them and move forward with solutions.
  • EDUCATION: Search marketing is often layered with myth and conjecture. It is of the utmost importance that we stay ahead of the curve. The technological landscape changes quickly so as a team we keep learning.  As part of this value we educate our clients about online marketing and in particular, inbound or organic marketing strategies. Since there are many misconceptions and snake oil sellers in the “SEO” industry it is important to us that we help spread the right messages and do the right things.Also when working with other peoples businesses in industries we are not familiar with we must constantly be open to learning. We must be able to listen and be motivated to learn about new industries and clients.
  • RELATIONSHIPS:  Without them nothing great is possible. From friends, family, and our clients we seek to grow relationships. Businesses can’t succeed without trust and word of mouth. As part of this value we promise to leave everyone we come in contact with better off because of it.
  • SERVICE: We enjoy doing things for others. Giving a little more and seeing the results make projects and people fun. From our clients to our community if someone is in need we like to be the ones to step up and help.


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