Using Call Tracking Numbers with Google My Business

Using Call tracking with Google My Business allows you to gain insights and data into how effective your GMB listing is. Good data and knowing the number of calls that your GMB listing generates helps you make good business decisions. Call tracking numbers should be implemented in the right way to preserve NAP data consistency. This tactic is easy but many small businesses and treatment centers do not implement this correctly.

There is a ton of in-depth information on what NAP data is and why it is important to be consistent. If you are not familiar with the concept of NAP and how it is important to local SEO check out this article on The short version is NAP data is the Name, Address, and Phone information about your business. These three data points are important and it is crucial that you keep them consistent throughout all of your online listings including your website. Call tracking can complicate this but with the right tactics, it is possible to keep your phone number data consistent across multiple listings.

Using Call Tracking Numbers Without Negatively Impacting Local Visibility in GMB

It is as simple as adding an additional phone number to your GMB listing. When you edit the info section of your GMB listing, there is a phone number section, with options for both primary and additional phone numbers.

Make sure you add your call tracking phone number as the “primary phone” and your normal business number as your “additional phone” number.

Simple right? Now you have created NAP consistency with your business phone number while still being able to track phone calls from your GMB listing.