How to Claim a Google My Business Listing That Is Already Claimed

Sometimes when a new business is setting up their business profile they find that their business profile already exists and is claimed. There are several reasons this can happen.

  1. An agency created the profile for the business and never transferred ownership
  2. Another employee created the profile in the past
  3. You created the profile sometime in the past and simply forgot

No matter what happened it is an easy fix to get the profile back in your control by going through a few simple steps.

Step One: Go to Google My Business Create Page

Head over to the create a page at Google My Business. Then do a search for your business name. If it already exists you should have no problem locating it.

Create a business dialog in Google My Business.

Step Two: Request Your Access to the Page

If your listing shows up and has already been verified you will receive a message that the listing is already verified with a hint to the email address used. This can often jog your memory as it will show you a small part of the owner’s email. As stated earlier, often it is a former or current employee, agency, or even yourself who created the listing at some point in the past. You will now need to click the request access button.

This listing Has Already Been Claimed Dialog.

Step Three: Share Your Details

Next, you will need to fill out some details. Usually, you will want to request owner access as the owner. Then just enter your name and phone number. Make sure to check the box to share your contact details so the person knows it is you requesting.

Request access to Google My Business listing dialog

Step Four: Hurry Up and Wait

Now the request for access is sent off to the current owner. They will have seven days to respond – if they do not or deny you access you will have the opportunity to further verify your business affiliation and gain access.

request sent dialog