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Case Study #4 Treatment Center Website Redesign Increases Traffic 50% Year over Year

Goal: Create a New Website That Reflects the Brand and is Mobile and User-Friendly

In this case study, we demonstrate that our search engine friendly website designs increase traffic almost immediately upon launch.

During the discovery phase with this client, we learned that they wanted to create a brand new website design that had several goals.

  1. Reflect the current brand in a modern way
  2. Present information to visitors in a way that was easy to understand and navigate
  3. Be easy to use both on mobile devices and desktop computers
  4. Was secure and trustworthy given the industry: Drug treatment center
  5. Be SEO optimized ready for launch and protect their current organic traffic and rankings

We developed a new site design that met these requirements. The site was completely redesigned. Site pages were restructured and the site architecture updated. We completed all on-page SEO and made the site https (SSL as suggested by Google, especially for health-related websites).

Only 45 days after launch the website experienced a 54% increase in website traffic, all from non-paid sources such as Google organic and direct traffic.

Treatment Center Website Redesign Increases Organic Traffic.


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