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Case Study #3 Treatment Center Referral Company Increased Website Traffic 107% Year Over Year

Goal: Increase Traffic and Phone Calls from Organic Sources

In this case study, we demonstrate that our organic marketing and SEO efforts helped increase website traffic over 107% year over year for a treatment center referral company.

In our consultation with this client, we learned that they mainly made money by generating referrals to treatment centers. This means that they had to compete with large treatment centers, with big marketing budgets. But they could not afford the same high cost per admissions that a treatment center which directly admits clients.

We had to compete organically. With this in mind, we developed an SEO strategy which included a website redesign.

We used link building, social media marketing, and content development to generate almost double the organic traffic over the year we worked with this client.

One of the techniques we used was building extensive guides for their visitors, these guides are extended content pieces, sometimes as much as 10-12 pages which delve deeply into topics. Since we have years of experience in the treatment industry we were able to create accurate, intriguing and traffic generating content pieces.

This helped drive traffic and phone call growth.

Increase Treatment Center Website Traffic With SEO


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