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Logo Design

Define Your Visual Identity

Your logo is not just ink on paper, or pixels on a screen.

Your logo says it all. Defining this visual representation of your values, and the impression you want to make to the world is a cool and intense process. It is also a rewarding process as it not only produces a visual mark, but a symbol that represents everything your business stands for.


  • Skilled designers with years of experience in the art of graphic design
  • Understanding of color psychology and conversion optimization
  • Combining science and art to create an enduring look and feel for your business


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Experience, art and science
combine to create a perfect representation of your business

Evergreen Media Builds Brands that Last

Look at your brand assets. What’s there? Are they high quality? Do your logo files exist in CMYK, RGB, black & white, raster and vector formats? Do you know what the copy tone of your business is? The colors, fonts and photographic styles to use? Do you have a brand guide?


We go through specific processes to learn about your business. Why are you doing what you do? What values drive you?


After the initial discovery we pare it all into a set of brand statements and values.

Logo Design

Our skilled designers create an array of prototypes and concepts for your review.


We give you your logo including all raw design files in the most common formats for web, print and other media

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