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How Can We Help You?

With many years of internet marketing experience, our team can help you from start-up to ramp up and beyond. We help tell your story and guide you to determine where to spend your online dollars and show you how to track them into sales. We develop an online strategy for your company, helping you leverage what you already have to become a big player in your online vertical. 

Who we serve

We serve a wide variety of industries and customers. Our roots and passions are in drug treatment centers and mental health communities. However, we do not shy away from any vertical. The overall philosophy and tactics that develop your story and get you found online can be applied to any industry, market, or segment.  We love to learn new things about new people and industries!

Our goal is to serve your existing marketing team and company. We support your existing team as a strategy driver and service provider. Your company benefits from a stronger online presence and easy to see ROI. 

What we do

Our goal is to help and educate. Whether your project is a small job or large long term project we want to help you develop in-house strategies and tell stories that will produce long term sticky results. Our service offerings are deliberately wide to give you a range of diverse options to fulfill your immediate needs and long term strategy.

About Evergreen

Began by Jared Moré, an experienced digital marketing professional, Evergreen Media Co. is headquartered in scenic Ridgefield, Washington (if you want to learn more about Ridgefield, here is a link to the town website). Jared brings years of experience to the table as your main point of contact. Consulting and partnering with you, Jared treats your business like his own, as do all consultants involved in your project. 

Our overall philosophy is to tell your story and help you develop sustainable long term strategies and tactics. By utilizing business metrics, goal setting, budgets, and talented people, we will undertake every project with the goal of positively affecting your bottom line for the long term. 

Our Core Values

The core values we live by are encapsulated in the acronym F.I.R.E. these are the rules that drive every business decision - big and small, and also guide our interactions with our clients, as well as amongst ourselves. 

Fun - we always have fun. No matter what if we are not enjoying what we are doing there is no reason to carry on with it. While we are very serious about results the journey is the best part. 

Integrity - Strong moral principles and honesty drive each and every interaction. We do what we say and say what we will do, from making appointments on time to driving deliverables, we strive to uphold each and every promise. We are all human and sometimes make mistakes - when we do we own up to them and move forward with solutions. 

Relationships - without them nothing great is possible. From friends, family, and our clients we seek to grow relationships. Businesses can't succeed without trust and word of mouth. As part of this value, we promise to leave everyone we come in contact with better off because of it.  

Education - Search marketing is often layered with myth and conjecture. For our clients, this means guiding them to a better understanding of digital marketing. Internally, it is of the utmost importance that we stay ahead of the curve. The technological landscape changes quickly so as a team we keep learning so our clients are ahead of the curve. 

The Evergreen Process





We learn your story, what you have, and what you need. This very in-depth process helps develop a strong foundation to accomplish your visibility goals.

We work with you to develop clear, realistic goals. We like to establish these early in the process. It just makes people happy.

Now that we know where you want to be, we lay out how we will help you get there. Each client receives a personalized long-term plan with milestones and timelines. This builds your confidence and trust.

We measure, track, and optimize your results. We keep pushing what works and scale back or revisit what is not meeting your needs.